Funny, Sexy, Dark…True. Five stories. A different one each night.


Theatre legend GRETCHEN CRYER (Obie, Drama Desk, and Outer Critics Circle Award winner and Grammy nominee) directs TRUE STORIES. Five courageous, shocking, sexy, and all too true solo shows take the audience on a different, rollicking ride each night. 

"The journey I've gone on with each playwright/performer has been full of surprising twists and turns," explains Cryer. "When you dig deep, like we have, each excavation of personal truth re-routes the piece in unexpected, scary, and exciting ways. It's a raw process that requires great courage and flexibility. Not everyone is up for the task. These five are and audiences are in for five fantastic nights of plays. Needless to say working with my son, Jon Cryer, as he makes his maiden voyage into this brave style of theatre is a dream come true.” 

SO THAT HAPPENED, written and performed by JON CRYER. Jon's life in film and television, including twelve seasons of Two and a Half Men, has been a wild ride careening from the sublime to the ridiculous. Now he’s returning to the footlights with a love letter to the theatre. 

PERFECT LOVE, written and performed by LINDA MANNING. Linda tracks her evolution from a rootless girl to a reckless woman on the hunt for perfect love with every sexy dangerous man she meets.

I WAS A HOT MONK, written and performed by BRIAN SHERIDAN. An award-winning actor finds himself with no career, no wife, no kids, no girlfriend, no friend-friends, no pets, and no debts...because God wants him to be a monk! It's a trip to Hell and back.

A GOOD GIRL DOESN’T, written and performed by ABBY STOKES. Abby’s birth is the result of her parents swinging through the 1960s with wild key parties, martinis, and Manhattans. Their frolics leave her with one burning question: Who is her biological father? 

ESCAPE FROM DADDYLAND, written and performed by STEVE WRUBLE. A psychiatrist, son of Elvis Presley's proctologist, divorces his wife and religion to find his authentic self but escaping daddy issues is more daunting. 

These are stories told with heart, humor, and the searing honesty that can only happen when your past catches up with you and all that is left is the truth. No topic is off limits, from overcoming sexual abuse to uncovering parental adultery and grappling with spiritual identity.

*** Due to COVID 19 TRUE STORIES performances have been indefinitely postponed. ***

The CHERRY LANE THEATRE is located at 38 Commerce Street, New York, NY 10014. As New York's longest continuously running Off-Broadway theatre, the CHERRY LANE THEATRE has helped to define American drama, fostering fresh, daring, and relevant theater since 1924.